Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Barn Action!

Kitty & Mountain Lion - Let's Stay Out Here - It's Way Too Busy In The Barn!
It started out with nothing happening at the 5AM pasture check ... there were no lambs born yesterday either.  Mr. WRF said, "I get the feeling that we're going to suddenly end up with a pile of lambs.".  Guess what's happened since he made that comment?
3 sets of twins at 8AM, 11AM, & Noon.  One of the older ewes, #39, was trying to steal newborn lambs from a younger ewe.  Then her water broke & now she's in labor.  Since she was so interested in those lambs, we let her follow that little family as we brought them up to the barn.  Ha!  We outsmarted that sheep ...
Meanwhile, I'm working on fleeces for the Waynesburg Sheep & Fiber Fest next weekend.  Here is a special request Suffolk fleece from a nearby farm --- we don't have that breed of sheep here at Wild Rose Farm.
Suffolk Yearling Fleece With Washed Samples
Suffolk Sample 1 - Grease Fleece "Before"
Suffolk Sample 1 - Washed Fleece "After"
OK - the break is over - it's back to the barn and pasture to see what's going on now!  :~0

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