Thursday, May 22, 2014

Two More Left To Lamb ...

Wild Rose Farm Evening Grazing
We were supposed to get thunderstorms yesterday, but it never happened.  When I was selecting the pictures for this post, I noticed the dead spots in the trees in the background.  Click to enlarge.  Those are the ash trees that have been killed by the Emerald Ash Borer.  We did cut down a couple of these trees and had one sawed into 10' boards for the doors on the Loafing Shed.  They have some winding grooves in them from the pathway of the borer ... sort of reminds you of the old wormy chestnut furniture & floor boards.
We are waiting for the last 2 ewes to have their lambs.  Rambouillet #410 looks closest to lambing, but who knows when?  She is our tallest ewe.  She wasn't concerned last night ...
Wild Rose Farm Rambouillet Ewe #410 - Not Thinking About Lambs!
Here's an update on the triplets - they're looking very good and they stick close to #50!  She looks dusty because we've kept them in the barn mixing pen all along.  We don't like putting triplets out until they're well on their way ... no sense causing problems and losing one after they've gotten off to a good start! 
WRF #50 Raising Triplets On Her Own

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