Thursday, May 8, 2014

Lamb & Llama Introductions!

Wild Rose Farm Lambs - Wow .... She's A Big One!
From the perspective of a lamb, a llama is a BIG thing!  These two lambs seem to be awestruck. :)  This evening, we removed the dividing livestock panels between Snow White and the lamb mixing pen.  No pressure, we just let the llama enter at her own pace.  It only took a few minutes and she walked past the hay bale feeder and started checking everything out.  The ewes were unphased ... remember, they know what a llama is, so they pretty much ignored her.  I stayed in the barn for a couple of hours watching the interactions while I was working on some fleeces.
Impressive ... Are You Our New Leader?
The lambs were comical when they randomly noticed what was on top of those legs.  Snow White wandered through the pen sniffing occasionally, eating hay out of the feeder, & drinking from the ewe's water buckets.  You can see by how she is carrying her tail up that she is interested in everything and on alert.  It will take a little while for the llama to get used to these little creatures brushing past her legs and scampering about ... wonder how much sleep she'll get tonight? 
Snow White Sniffing A Lamb
The lamb count for today is one single born this morning & a set of twins born in the early afternoon. 

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