Monday, May 12, 2014

Wild Rose Farm Lambpedes Begin!

Bringing In #134 & Lamb At Dusk
Well, Mr. WRF was right again.  The 24 hour total was 11 lambs from 6 ewes through 5AM this morning.  After we left the last post, #39 had a set of ewe lambs, then our horned ewe #134 had a ram lamb around 8PM.  At the 5AM pasture check this morning, we found #127 with a set of twins.
Wild Rose Farm X-bred #134 With Newborn Ram Lamb
But while we were waiting for #134 to deliver last night, it was off to the races!
The lambs formed up and a LAMBPEDE was underway ...

Someone Gets The Idea & The Lambpede Begins ...
Watching a small group, one lamb starts to twitch and jump, then another twists and runs & soon they're running in a pack!
Here They Come Back Again!
The group picks up more runners as they flash by ... tiny hooves pounding.
Wild Rose Farm Lambpede In Full Swing!
Until later after several laps, they've worn themselves out and are back to quietly following the grazing ewes ... a peaceful pasture scene at dusk.
Wild Rose Farm Ewes & Lambs With Llama Snow White At Dusk

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