Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Night Pasture Check

Join us on the Wild Rose Farm late night pasture check.  Here's what it looks like when we go out to see if there is any lambing activity going on out there ... let your eyes adjust to the dark (!) & click on pics for a better view.
Approaching The Ewes - We Sweep The Pasture Looking For Reflecting Eyes
Now that we've found them just under the pine trees, we scan across the group with a tight beam looking at each ewe.  I usually talk quietly to let them know it's just me out there ...
Wild Rose Farm - Looking At Each Ewe
Next a wide angle look to see if anyone is separating off or it they all look settled as a tightly flocked group bedded down or ready to bed down ...
Ewes In A Group With None Separated
Now back to the barn where the llama can be seen cushed, but watching us coming in from the field.
Wild Rose Farm - Barn Lights & Llama Watching


Becky said...

"Cushed" Can only a llama cush? What does that mean?

RMK said...

The camel family cushes/kushes ... it's when they lay down and rest with their legs tucked under their body. They can be taught to cush on command and usually cush when they travel. Snow White was cushed when Ray & Darlene opened the livestock trailer upon her arrival. Some of the alpaca folks transport their alpacas in mini vans! Of course once you stop, they want to get up & you know what they want to do as soon as they get up! Potty break!