Sunday, May 4, 2014

How Many Left?

Wild Rose Farm - How Many Ewes Left To Lamb?  Count 'Em!
We have 22 ewes in the pasture group this evening remaining to lamb, so we're half way there.  The young crossbred ewe #135 had a set of twins early this morning and it took a while to get her up to the barn.  First, she kept running back to the birthing spot looking for the lambs.  Then she ran down behind the water tank for some reason.  Mr. WRF had to put up net fencing to funnel her up to the barn - finally!
By the time he had her up to the barn, the feeding and watering was done.  I went out back looking for him, saw what was happening, and then retreated so as not to startle her.    Here she is tonight in the pen with one of her little twins ...
WRF #135 With Twin Lamb - 14 Hours Old
Back in the barn this morning, there was a lot of activity in the "mixing pen".  After the ewes and lambs bond in their individual pen and they've been processed and tagged, we turn them in to a larger group pen.
Dorset Ewe #116 - Hey Mom, Let's Play! 
Dorset Ewe #115 - Are You Sure You Don't Have Any More Treats?
Rambouillet Ewe #406 With Twin Rambouillet Ram & Ewe Lambs

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